5 Easy Ways to Get Your Phone to Ring

Get Your Phone to Ring in 5 Easy StepsHave you ever had that feeling? Why isn’t my phone ringing? If you are running a business you have to realize, at risk of sounding cliche, you get out of it what you put into it. You might say, “What the hell does that mean, I put plenty of time into it.” I’m sure you do, but what it really means is get off Facebook and start making some calls! You have to hustle! Making calls can be tough at times. If there isn’t someone there to push you, or inspire you to think differently about your business then you will continue to repeat the same habits, day-in, day-out.

My goal is to break your mind loose of old habits and give you some tools to use every day to form some new habits. After you’ve done your morning routine and after you’ve driven to the office and sitting at your desk, I want you to do the following:

1. Call your Sphere (or Center) of Influence – SOI

If you don’t have a contact management system or customer relationship management system (CRM), don’t panic because you’re not getting off the hook that easy. You can use your phone. Now go find a happy place in your office and block out one hour on your calendar each day with no distractions. Go through your phone and start dialing from A-Z. Keep these calls short – shoot for 2-3 minutes. They are business calls and you are calling to help them. Ask them if they know someone who might also need your help. If they don’t, make sure you review all their contact info with them before you hang up! Now, set yourself a calendar reminder for one month from now to call them back. My real estate clients know this one well because at the end of the day, it’s a numbers game. Outbound calls = appointments/conversions and this applies to every business out there. As one of those inspirational quotes go… “Success lies beyond your comfort zone.”

2. Email or Text Your Sphere of Influence

So, you couldn’t pick up the phone to call all the wonderful people in your life? In the event you you can’t make phone calls or the calls go unanswered, follow up with a short email or text message.

Hey Roger,
It’s been awhile, I just left a VM message. I have some good news. Let’s catch up when you have a moment.

What is that good news, you might ask? Tell Rodger you’re taking him out to lunch or you just got a new mountain bike or you found out a way he could increase his monthly revenue. Be creative but always be honest and do what’s best for your clients and customers. 

3. Use Your Website to Share Valuable Information

In that calendar of yours I recommend writing one article a week about your business. Show people how to do things that only you know how to do in your business. I’ll bet if you looked up one of the pain points your business solves, there are at least 20 YouTube videos on how to solve that exact problem, rather than squander it in your brain like belly button fluff, share it as a professional. Even better, add YouTube videos to these posts for better SEO and building credibility. These posts add up. In one year, you’ll have 52 posts. In two years you’ll have 104. If you need help go here: how to write sticky articles. Write something like: “5 Things You Don’t Know About Nano Medicine” Do one of those a week. But how does this get my phone to ring you might ask? Syndicate your blog posts!

4. How to Syndicate My Blog Posts – Stay Top of Mind

You wrote your post now what? Get it syndicated to ALL of your social media. You can set up some automation so you don’t have to lift a finger and you can have it all done for you every time you write a blog post. One of my favorite tools is called IFTTT. I use this for all kinds of data scraping and automation. But for the topic of this post our goal is to stay top of mind so our friends, family and clients can bathe in your brilliance. From here you take your blog’s RSS feed – typically http://myblog.com/feed and then create a recipe with your Twitter Account, your Facebook account and your LinkedIn account. 

Screenshot 2015-07-21 16.47.56Screenshot 2015-07-21 16.48.28Screenshot 2015-07-21 16.48.39

Now each time you write a blog post, it’s all there. Alternately you can use something like Hootsuite or Buffer. The goal is to stay top of mind to get your phone to ring. And it’s much easier to make phone calls knowing you are in every social media crevice. Take a look at the following post below. With one post, and five comments I’ve created a dialog with two potential clients.

Screenshot 2015-07-22 09.20.19

5. Dominate Your Space and Build Authority

So you’ve made phone calls, sent emails and shared some valuable gems on your blog and then syndicated them to all your social media sites. When people come to read your revealing and helpful blog articles, you are also going to create an email funnel through email sign ups. You should be constantly providing value to your clients and customers especially if your product or service provides the level of value you think it does. Now that you’ve made your formidable presence known and your value proposition strong that during the course of developing your new performance enhancing habits, you have also collected new friends and built a kick ass database. 

This is what you do with all that great data you have now aggregated into your database. Start segmenting them into categories based on the needs they have or you foresee them having in the future. Now write out 12 emails – which comes to three months of drip campaigns – one per week. Make your emails short and sweet and then send them a link to an article that relates to their problem, or make it something of value to them. I use MailChimp and have recently starting using ConvertKit for this. Once you get set up and you have firmly built yourself up as an authority for your product or service, it will be easier to get that phone to ring. And when you do call it will also be nice to be recognized and respected when you do call your customer or client.

Tying it All Together

This little article merely grazes a fraction of the extensive depth of phone and email lead generation. So how do you get your phone to ring? In one word: consistency. Consistency in outbound calls, drip campaigns and article writing is a good start. That is why companies hire us to design the systems to help keep their company at the top level of their customers minds so when they do need a product or service, the first one they think of is you. If you aren’t doing this, then your company is losing out. And that, is a disservice to them.

 If you need help tying it all together or would like to have a conversation about your business head over and set up an appointment it’ll be fun. You will walk away with actionable items you can use in your business right away.

Or just sign up below and we’ll help you get started.

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