Website Analysis

Site Analysis

One of the most difficult parts about building websites is probably that initial excitement everyone feels about the project. What will the new site look like? How many visitors will there be after launch? Should we start blogging once the rebrand is finished?

This is why this first phase can be so hard. Of course it’s easy to look ahead to the future and be excited about the end results, but those end results won’t be anywhere near as impressive if we don’t take the time to pump the brakes, put in the proper hours for research, and assess where the site is and where it needs to be.

The Power of Data

Data plays an integral role in the success of every business—and the same holds true for the web development process. This is why a robust Site Analysis is always the first phase of every project we work on.

So, before we nail down your design preferences, before we talk to you about content, and especially before we start writing any code, our team will analyze your site as it currently stands. During this data collection period, we’ll do a deep-dive analysis of your site. Then we’ll provide a complete breakdown of suggested improvements that will help us close the gap on missed opportunities.

Trust us. We understand that this is an exciting time, but we want to do this right. By taking the time upfront to perform a thorough review of your site, we’ll save you what could potentially amount to more time, money, and frustration down the road by not doing one at all.